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Bali, often known as "Island of the Gods" is a small island in the Indonesian Archipelago. In contrast to the rest of the country, over 90% of Balinese follow the Hindu religion. Wherever you go on our beautiful island you will find evidence of this as nearly every aspect of life is influenced by the rich variety, color and peacefulness of Hindu teaching.

Only a short time ago the largest industry on Bali was agriculture, namely rice cultivation. Though this industry continues to thrive, tourism has taken first place with over 2 million visitors coming to Bali in 2009. Though the Southern part of Bali has certainly become busier due to this influx, you'll find Balinese still very happy to have you as our guests and get to know you a little during your time here. You'll also find that it doesn't take long to get out of the main tourist areas and see people living on Bali much like they were a hundred years ago. Our arts, culture and religion are very much connected and you'll see how proud we are to maintain our traditions.



  • Population: 3,551,000 (2009)
  • Area: 5,632.86 km2 (2,175 sq mi)
  • Capital: Denpasar
  • Languages: Indonesian (official), Balinese, English (spoken widely)
  • Time Zone: UTC +8 (Singapore, Hong Kong. One hour ahead of Jakarta)
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)